Activities of R&D Group

Cybersoft R&D group carries out technologic research requests from all units of the company and the customers. These requests generally includes the following:

  • Technologic researches requested by project teams for the solution of infrastructure problems.
  • Researches on the solutions and their components required by the sales support team for the projects.
  • Product evaluations and comparison criteria to help customers decide on the product selection.

In addition to these, R&D group follows up developments in the new technologies, prepares evaluations towards usability of the matured technologies in projects and prepares samples to guide software team in case these technologies are used in the projects.
R&D group also provides technical orientation for the Cybersoft personnel. Specialists that join the Cybersoft team are provided with a quick familiarization on software development methods, technologies and tools of Cybersoft through a series of courses within two weeks.
In case of new technologies to be used in new projects, R&D group informs the project teams on the new technologies and associated tools. In addition to the internal trainings, R&D engineers with experience in the new technologies provide the project teams with onsite support through "mentoring", "coaching" and "fire-fighting" activities.
Another activity of the R&D group is to organize and manage Cybersoft trainings of young colleagues having education in software related departments of universities. Trainees are also provided with familiarization on software development methods, technologies and tools of Cybersoft through courses organized parallel to those given to newly employed personnel.
R&D group develops critical infrastructure software of projects within the scope of development. The said infrastructure software is available for use of every project as internal products under Cybersoft Common Use Library.
Moreover, R&D group is also responsible for performing the stress and load tests of important software components of projects within the scope of software quality assurance, as well as reviewing and adapting the codes.
Cybersoft shares its vast knowledge and experience in the field of software through articles and declarations presented in congresses and seminars held nationally and internationally.