Software Production Band

Term “Aurora” is firstly used for the appearance of optical formation in different colors and lines as a result of atmospheric changes occurring in specific times, especially in North hemisphere. Aurora which is a magnificent gift of nature; is a magical color spectrum emerging as a result of various atoms, molecules and photons dissipated by ions and energy loaded quantum especially involving electrons formed inside the atmosphere. Aurora that may appear in very different times with different lines and color is a perfect natural event that cannot even be compared to rainbow with its magical essence.
Cybersoft given name AURORA to process management and information technologies infrastructure developed with the objective of forming a color spectrum with similar adaptation to AURORA as a result of combining to new electronic business processes or mid and big scaled institutions and enterprises.

What is Software Production Band?

In present day many institutions face to serious troubles for the success of investments they made for information systems and follow up of their feedback.

Production bands; is a contemporary software engineering approach developed for the purpose of controlling production costs and presenting complex information systems to market.

Software Production Band; is the planned management and execution platform of information system development activities having its common characteristics involving re-usable approaches.

With this approach, institutions and enterprises commencing to use Software Production Band can access;

  • Increasing market shares,
  • More easily employed human resources by means of qualification and quantification,
  • Lower total purchasing costs in a recognizable manner,
  • More reliable information system solutions,
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Fast product presentation capabilities in market.

Success of Software Production Band;

It is originated by managing common core structures forming an information system (model, documentation, architecture, framework, code particles, etc.) and activities (analysis, design, quality assurance, test, etc.) with a systematic approach. Fixing core structure and activities to be commonly used in information systems makes reuse of methods and processes those needed to be considered from the beginning during the development of each information system possible. Therefore, Software Production Band approach is an approach mostly pursuing “production” objective rather than “development” objective. For that reason companies such as Siemens, General Motors, Nokia, Boeing as the world leader in their sector adopted this contemporary approach and they began to use this system in an increasing amount.Source: Carnegie Mellon University – Software Engineering Institute )

Aurora is a “SOFTWARE PRODUCTION BAND” involving;

  • intended for solutions in e-iş (e-business) world,
  • Web based,
  • Having Enterprise Java Technology,
  • Based on standards and open technologies,
  • Involving scalable and manageable environment and tools

With this framework approach Aurora provides;

  • Promptness and easiness for the launching of new products and solutions to market,
  • Capability of fast product formation,
  • Gaining productivity (re-use of all common shareholders and architectural components),
  • Quality acquisition (each component being used to be previously tested and approved),
  • Acquisitions of a “Total Possession Cost” radically increasing competitive power.

It is an approach

  • Capable of presenting Web based rich interfaces as XML based,
  • Capable of connecting and integrated to every kind of information system,
  • Having independent hardware, operating system, application server and database management system,
  • Requiring “Very Low Band Width” for the applications developed on it.