Rather than being an ordinary "software company” producing solutions to various sectors for more than 15 years, CYBERSOFT is an internationally recognised and awarded "technology company".

35th. International Award for Business Leadership & Prestige

CYBERSOFT has been chosen for the "New Millenium Award" in the "International Award for Business Leadership & Prestige" competition organized in Brussels on 27 June 2005 by Trade Leaders Club. The awarding body, Trade Leaders Club, gathers over 14.000 members and the award is presented to selective companies amongst a list of enterprises that have reached to a respected level of Quality and service all over the world.

The "Best Solution Partner" Award - 2005, from Sun Microsystems

CYBERSOFT was awarded as the "Best Solution Partner" in Business Partners Meeting held by Sun Microsystems on 14 September 2005.

ComputerWorld Honors 2003

In the "Computerworld Honors 21st Century Success Rewards", presented annually by Computerworld Honors Organization in USA, CYBERSOFT has won the prize in "Government and Non-Profit Organizations" category with "Internet Tax Offices Project" (IVD) within the Full Automation of Tax Offices Project (VEDOP).

ORACLE 2003 Award of Honour

CYBERSOFT has been chosen for the "Award of Honour" in the Traditional Business Partners Day.

METU Technopolis 2003 Success Award

CYBERSOFT has been awarded amongst the most successful companies operating in METU Technopolis in 2003.

METU Senate 2003 Appreciation Award

As an indication of sympathy and respect for his entrepreneurship in IT sector, his leadership skills in business and his contributions to METU scholarship funds, CYBERSOFT's Managing Partner Mr. Fikret KAYA has been presented the
"Appreciation Award" by the METU Senate in 2003.

CeBIT Eurasia Informatics 2002

Full Automation of Tax Offices Project (VEDOP) developed by CYBERSOFT, has been awarded with the Grand Award in "From Government to Citizen" category of TUSİAD'S e-Government Competition organized within "CeBIT Eurasia Informatics 2002"