Cybersoft CSSIGNER

Cybersoft Digital Signature Library

Having completed the first digital signature integration project in Turkey, CYBERSOFT carried its high expertise and corporate know-how to a greater extend over the years. As the demand for digital signature infrastructure is increasing day by day in business applications, CYBERSOFT is keen on serving the community by publishing the source code of CSSigner (CSIGN) digital signature library and APIs for national use free-of-charge.


CSSigner provides the users with the following features:

  • Digitally sign a file or a character set easily
  • Verify a digitally signed file or a character set and validate the certificates used for the signing
  • Parse the components of a digital signature (signed index, certificate used, etc)
  • Use parallel or serial signatures and add time stamp to signed documents via using CSSigner API (also provided)
  • Use the built-in CSSignerApp module with an easy-to-use user interface as an optional method without using CSSigner API

CSIGN is optimized for easily signing large files. CYBERSOFT provides training and operational support services for CSIGN.

CSSIGNER Technical Features

  • Developed with Java (JDK1.5) program language.
  • Compliance with ETSI TS 101 733 electronic signature format.
  • With X.509 format, Works with qualified certificates. (RFC 2459)
  • Works with cards that provides PKCS #11 interface standard.
  • Sign parallel and serial signature.
  • Possibility to add time stamp to signatures.
  • In case of having too large signed folders, for preventing any memory problem, the signing process is done by using temporary spaces on the disk.
  • No platform dependency. It can be used with Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems.
  • It is developed by taking the structures defined at RFC 3161, RFC 3126, RFC 2560, RFC 2634, RFC 2630, RFC 3280, RFC 3369 publications as basis.


If asked, CSSigner training and support is provided for a fee.