e-Defter (e-book application)

It is the general name given to system providing following options for the books those are mandatory to be kept per Tax Procedural Law and Turkish Commercial Code

  • creation,
  • recording,
  • keeping and
  • presenting.

It is necessary to have a e-Defter (e—Book) Application in order to utilize this system.

Advantages of e-Defter?

  • No need to keep record in paper environment
  • No need for notarization of books kept in paper environment
  • No need to archive books kept in paper environment
  • Savings in costs.
  1. No notarization cost
  2. No paper cost
  3. No consumable consumption for printing on paper
  4. Archive area costs shall be eliminated since there is no need for archiving.

You can have information from “www.edefter.gov.tr“ web page for general information and application period for e-Defter.

Cybersoft’s e-Defter (e-Book) Solutions

Cybersoft’s e-Defter application can prepare “Daybook” and “Ledger” documents as integrated with standard methods (database, web service, etc.) according to the standards stipulated by GİB and may easily transfer to GİB in electronic environment.

Cybersoft, presents its e-Defter solution to its clients in two different alternatives:

  • Purchasing Alternative: Method of selling the product to client and operating by installing in client location. Pricing is done over licensing.
  • Leasing Alternative: Method of using the product over a Cloud System installed by Cybersoft. Here there is a pricing as monthly or annual service amount.

e-Defter Architecture

How does e-Defter Application Works?

  • It realizes XBRL conversion of book data independent from format with definition based converter.
  • Viewer provides displaying of e-defter data in XBRL format and franchise files (loaded and approved and downloaded by revenue administration) in its format.
  • Signature module provides signing of xbrl document by using signature server or applet (Small application).
  • Franchise Preparative prepares signed franchise file of the e-defter data in XBRL format to be loaded to e-defter portal.
  • It realizes functions of indexing, listing, archiving and interrogation of XBRL and Franchise files.

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