TCCB Document Management System (EDYS)

Project Beginning Date
Project Duration
TCCB Document Management System (EDYS)
September 2009
15 Calendar Days

Presidency of Republic of Turkey which is the top level of the State (TCCB) for the purpose of better serving to citizens and to timely respond to requirement commenced Request Management System (TYS) project in November 2009. Final acceptance of Request Management System project was done in March 2010.
By making process better manageable as a second project under the scope of service continuation Document Management system was realized (EDYS) and its final acceptance was done in July 2010.
3 software engineers, 1 configuration manager and 2 test staff employed in the project besides project management and quality staff.

Scope and Purpose of the Project

The main objective of Republic of Turkey Presidency Document Management Project (EDYS); is to be an administration capable of managing and utilizing technology in top level by developing transparent service understanding to minimize different understandings and structural quality in the framework of corporate specific structuring, organization culture by increasing organization’s service quality. In line with this understanding, it is aimed with document management system project to realize an efficient document management system.
The initial phase of the project; is put forward as establishing a request management system to process in multi-layer central structure and as Web based by involving requests arrived to Administration via e-mail, fax and letter to be managed inside the management.

In the second phase; there is management of all official correspondences realized by the administration in electronic environment which is called life cycle. In this framework, request management system; has been revised as management system involving integrated modules. Document Management System involves functional systems such as document module, certificate module, work flow module, form module, message module, e-mail module and management module.

With the project, it is aimed, to record all received e-mails and faxes to be recorded within the system and finalizing them as archive. Requests received from citizens shall be assessed by the relevant personnel and responses are again to be generated from the same system and these responses will be transmitted to citizens by both e-mail or fax or in case requested so by physical delivery.

Moreover, recording all documents and certificates arriving from other public-institutions- organizations, companies and 3rd persons within the system as official documents, responses to all received official documents to be generated and transmitted within the system and responses are to be provided to be signed with e-signature and to have status of documents. All documents and certificates both created by recording within the system shall be classified with a standard file plan special to administration and thus electronic document archives will be formed. Reports intended for all realized transactions within the system shall be taken and it shall be provided to reach information received with developed searching methods for every kind of records in the system.

As a result of this project TCCB,

• With thanks to a recognizable increase of speed for work processes;
• An information management system capable of acquiring different information in different fields in a detailed, reliable and fast manner;
• Support of timely and correct decision making
Remarkable gains and increase of efficiency is realized.

Project Summary
Request and Document Management System application

• CSDYS Hypatia infrastructure
• Web-based 4-layers central software architecture
• Web service support
• Java environment
• JSF interfaces
• Windows 2003 operating system
• Hibernate technology
• MS SQL database
• Multiple language support
• E-signature use
• E-mail integration
• OCR/ Index integration
• User training
• System manager training

CSDYS HYPATIA Infrastructure

• Organization Management Module

o Premises support
o User definition
o Multiple task
o Proxy mechanism
o Hierarchical organization definition

• Document Management Module

o Versioning
o Check-in/out mechanism
o Automatic indexing
o Encoding
o Conversion
o Common sharing folders
o Developed search

• Work flow Management Module

o Visual work flow design tool
o Work flow versioning
o Commission support
o Conditional direction in steps
o Organization use
o Types of units

• Document Management Module

o Incoming Document
o Outgoing Document
o Internal Correspondence
o Draft document
o E-mail document
o E-signature integration
o Dispatch lists
o Developed searching

• Form Management Module

o Form definition
o Versioning
o Developed searching

• Archive Management Module

o Archive Types definition
o Standard and special file plans
o Developed searching

Final Status of the Project

TCBB being involved to e-correspondence pilot application coordinated by Ministry of Development in this framework; realizes e-correspondence over KEP with Prime Ministry, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Development.