Electronic Invoice Transfer and Management System EFYS

E-Fatura Application is the general name given to applications created by Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration (GİB) in order to allow circulation of e-Invoices between relevant parties in a safe and healthy manner.

With thanks to this system providing invoicing of commercial enterprises and public institutions fulfilling requested conditions in electronic environment both effective and fast and reliable invoicing is provided and also in provides contribution to environment by reducing paper consumption.

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Cybersoft’s e-Fatura Solutions: EFYS

Electronic Invoice Transfer and Management System (EFYS) developed by Cybersoft in line with these characteristics is intended to facilitate and accelerate institutions and establishments in various scales to e-fatura system.

The most remarkable advantage of this solution is that it allows institutions in be involved to Electronic Invoice Recording System without needing any modification in their current invoice systems.

Electronic invoice is not only a document to be used to transfer information to your client just like paper invoices. Electronic invoices allow interoperated document based applications. For instance, it is possible to provide requirements of your clients such as changing of subscription conditions of your client, taking advantage of campaigns and address changes also in electronic environment with the forms to be appended behind electronic invoice.

Electronic invoices prepared by EFYS are the documents in PDF/XFA architecture and documents which their data inside can be investigated by third party programs. For instance, your clients can transfer the content of invoices transferred by your side in data form to their own accounting systems or individual finance applications. Advantages not only found in client side: in similar manner, since EFYS invoice e-postalama (posting) system receives addresses where each invoice is to be sent from form information, there is no risk of misdelivery.

EFYS Modules

There are 3 main modules in EFYS scope:

EFYS-1M: Invoice providing preparation, transmission of 2nd copies of invoices per EF-VAP protocol determined by GİB and automatic management of this process is the 2nd copy transmission module.

EFYS-2M: Invoice providing archiving of digital copies of invoices sent onto disc, CD or DVDs and providing management of these archives is the digital archive module.

EFYS-3M: Invoice providing preparation of 1st copies of Invoices, their digital signature, transferring to e-mail addresses of clients and automatic management of this process is the 1st transmission module.


Data exchange with document issuing institutions of Electronic Invoice Recording System is realized with E-Invoice Data Transferring Protocol (EF-VAP). EH-VAP is a safe, expandable, guaranteeing identification of parties, involving fault check and a protocol enabling transferring of maximum possible data in a shortest time. Undeniability of transactions is provided by the use of digital signature.

EFYS, with its EF-VAP support also facilitate and accelerates institutions in various scales to be involved to e-Fatura system. All data cycle, transfer, signing and management functions required for EF-VAP is provided as integrated with EFYS. EFYS supports various network structures, data sources and operating systems. The most significant benefit of EFYS is that it provides inclusion of institutions to the e-Fatura system without needing modification in their current invoice systems. Ease of use, Reliable Support

EFYS: Electronic Invoice
Transmission and Management System v2.0

CRM qualification brought into EFYS project. (Customer Affairs Management). With this innovation transmission of 1st copies of invoices are taken under full control. With thanks to, multiple invoice template support and user friendly matching interface joining invoice information and invoice template invoices are dynamically created. Electronic signing of invoices created is realized in a cost efficient and fastest manner before being transmitted to clients. Warranted transmission of invoices provided with mail transmission queues and moreover re-sending of undelivered mail is realized with transmission control mechanisms and transmission of system status to system administrator in report form.

Innovations brought by CRM system;

Developed system interface: Interfaces developed by utilizing latest technology.

General e-mail definitions and capability of triggering of these e-mails by date:
One time creation of e-mails those needed to be transmitted to all clients in specific times and assigning of these e-mails to specific dates and automatically transmitting to all clients. E-mail definitions are divided into two depending weather the date of their transmission is continuous.

1.E-mails those needed to be transmitted for one time only (in a specific date)
2.E-mails those needed to be transmitted in specific intervals

I. E-mails needed to be transmitted once in a year
(E-mail involving celebrations for religious fests, Christmas, birthday, etc.)

II. E-mail needed to be transmitted once in a month
(E-mail involving invoice file, etc.)

III. E-mails those needed to be transmitted every day
(Bilgi mesajlar? içeren e-postalar vb.)

Total Client Record: Transferring of clients from your system to CRM system totally with a file.

Single Client Record: Opportunity is provided for single addition of clients if requested so.

Creating client e-mail groups: Ease of management is provided by dividing client into groups.

Easy access to client lists with interrogation filters: Obtaining client list with requested criteria and keeping these criteria for future use.

E-mail history: Showing sent or received e-mail history in client basis or as to cover all clients.

1. A developed matching interface has been created providing matching of invoice templates loaded to system and matching of loaded data for the printing of copies. By this way, easy creation of Invoice 1st copies and easy adapting of modifications to be done in 1st Copy template to EFYS system is provided.

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CRM giri? ekran?

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ekran? - 1 (EFYS)

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ekran? - 2 (EFYS)

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EFYS Diyagram (1)

EFYS Diyagram (1)