Cybersoft EYEKS

Accessing, Authorization and Personalization System

EYEKS provides a pack of solutions for web-based applications such as authentication, authorization, personalization and session management services. Additionally, EYEKS provides digital certificate, PKI based authentication and authorization, and digital signature support via extendible interfaces for future authentication methods.

What differs EYEKS from a huge number of simiar products currently on the market is, its features that are delivered as a "pack" of total solution. EYEKS provides the above listed range of services via HTTP protocol so that all applications may gain access to its authentication, authorization and personalization services easily over the web.

EYEKS contais a synthesis of role-based and policy-based authorization solutions, allowing the system administrators to manage detailed definitions for user permissions and restrictions. Therefore, EYEKS features a total solution for all problems of today's common authorization methods, such as data-dependent authorization, authorization transfer and location&time-dependent authorization.

EYEKS Features:


  1. Flexible user and session management
  • Object-oriented software development technologies
  1. Authorization solutions
  • RBAC - Role based access control method
  • RAD - Resource access decision method
  1. Integrated enterprise solution approach
  • Multi-organizational definitions
  • Expandable and flexible structure
  1. Detailed multilayer access and authorization logs
  • System login / logout records
  • Applications, services and related parameters used
  • Non-authorized users attempted to access applications
  • Tracking different accesses to the applications with the same user ID
  • Defining user and user-group based logs
  1. PKI and digital signature support
  1. Multi language support
  1. Personalization support
  1. Data transfer support
  1. Cache management
  1. Graphical interface for setting user, authorization and security definitions