Turn-Key Projects

One of the most important services provided by CYBERSOFT is the production of turn-key software projects in IT sector.

In the delivery of turn-key projects, CYBERSOFT uses continously improved development methodologies on:


  • Providing Provions and Client Requirements
  • Software Requirement Analysis
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Tests
  • Software Diffusion and Approval

For the development of turn-key projects, Aurora e-Business Development Platform supported by html and jsp servlet technologies are used, helping all projects being completed within time and budget limits, resulting in high level of client satisfaction.

Joint Project Development

Today, the needs of enterprises are varied according to their size, complexity of their processes and their continously changing requirements. CYBERSOFT provides joint project development services to other enterprises, mainly by working together with their in-house software personnel.
There are multiple choices for software project development methods. Some enterprises demand only training and technology consultancy services obtained from third parties; and then execute the remaining processes with their in-house IT teams, whereas some choose to obtain outsourcing services for their requirement.
In Joint Project Development method, choose to develop software solutions with their partners, each taking the responsibility together with the others. When involved in joint development, our clients benefit form CYBERSOFT's technological expertise, achieve substantial reductions in maintenance costs and increase their flexibility of responding to new requirements.

IT Consultancy

Over 15.000 man/months' application development effort combined with the high level of integration experience of over 200 personnel, CYBERSOFT provides advanced IT Consultancy Services throughout Turkey on Application Development and Integration Services.

In this scope, CYBERSOFT provides IT consultancy to enterprises on:

  • Development processes adaptation
  • Modeling of project definition and requirements modelling
  • Application modeling and determination of design processes
  • Architectural infrastructure setup
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Installation of configuration management infrastructure
  • Architectural, component based and object-oriented approaches
  • Unit and systems testing processes
  • Architectural scalability, robustness and load-balancing tests
  • Application migration and transformation processes

Technology Mentoring


Rather than being an ordinary "software company” producing solutions to various sectors for more than 15 years, CYBERSOFT is an internationally recognised and awarded "technology company". With lots of success stories, CYBERSOFT has been serving the Turksih IT community with its unparallel expertise and experience.


Within this context, CYBERSOFT provides Advanced Supervision Services to public and private sector institutions on the below listed domains:

  • Development processes adaptation
  • Modeling of project definition and requirements modelling
  • Application modeling and determination of design processes
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Architectural infrastructure setup
  • Installation of configuration management infrastructure
  • Architectural, component based and object-oriented approaches
  • Unit and systems testing processes
  • Architectural scalability, robustness and load-balancing tests,
  • Application migration and transformation processes.

Information Security Services

Solutions provided within the scope of CYBERSOFT's information security services can be grouped into three sub-categories:

  • Digital Signature Support
  • Information Security Management
  • Security Architecture and Technical Countermeasures

Digital Signature Support

Since the completion of regulation on digital signatures (Legislation no: 5070) in 2004, digital signatures have equivalent force with hand-written signatures in court proceedings.
A digital signature is not a standalone application, it is rather just an infrastructure. Digital signature infrastructure is a network that consists of legal and technical sides, therefore it is not possible to use applications without the required legal support. On the other hand, it is also not beneficial to have the legislation without the technical infrastructure.
CYBERSOFT, with its superior knowledge and experience in digital signature technology, has been developing various applications with digital signature support and giving consultancy support to its clients. Below are some links to our projects and productsthat include digital signature support:

  • Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade of Turkey (DTM) - Internal Processing Regime Project Read more...
  • Republic of Turkey Ministry of Defense (MSB) - Web-based Interactive Coding System Read more...
  • Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System - 1 Read more...
  • HYPATIA - Document Management and Workflow Automation System Read more...

    • Information Security Management

      "Information" is the most valuable asset for an enterprise. Therefore, security of information is crucial and should be provided, as appropriate. De facto way of achieving appropriate level of information security on institutional base is setting up an Information Security Management System by:

      • Writing information security policies specialized for the institution
      • Setting up required management mechanisms for Information Security Management
      • Defining daily operations and tasks with Operational Procedures
      • Providing training and awareness programs for various audiences (e.g. Managers, Programmers, Operators)
      • Auditing Information Security Policy
      • Vulnerability assessment of network infrastructure, operating systems, and application programs
      • Penetration tests to detect and repair security weaknesses of web-based applications

      In January of 2009, CYBERSOFT has been officially certificated with ISO/IEC 27001 as a result of audits performed by SGS SA regarding its information security management policy and procedures. LIGHTHOUSE, besides being a well-proven Quality Management and Communication tool developed by CYBERSOFT, is used throughout the Company to answer the needs of its Information Security Management System.


      CYBERSOFT's training services are designed for software teams developing projects for large size enterprise clients. A very important part of these trainings is on "Distributed Object Technologies".
      Trainings are mainly on programming languages, methodologies to be applied, and platforms to be used throughout the software development process by project teams.

      CYBERSOFT provides training services on:

      • Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methods
      • Design templates
      • Object Oriented Application Development and Java Programming
      • Advanced Java programming
      • AURORA Architecture Infrastructure and Process Management
      • Application Development with AURORA (Sample work)

      Trainings are carried out by professional software development engineers and academic staff. Due to their active code generation experience on related subjects, all trainers are well aware of what all participants need individually, and are able to answer all their questions simultaneously.
      Location of our training services are provided according to the request of our clients, either at professionally designed third party locations or at the establishments of the clients.

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