Cybersoft IDENTA

Internal Audit Management System

Internal auditing consists a set of actions covering independent assurance and consultancy services for improving the overall process and quality policies of an organization. IDENTA provides the software support for both public institutions and private enterprises to carry out the process improvement and risk management actions to reach their short,mid and long-term performance and business goals.


  • A total solution pack for all requirements of internal auditing domain,
  • Digital signature support
  • Platform/Database/Operating System - Independent
  • Works on-line and off-line,
  • Integration with third party applications
  • Scalable, sizeable and flexible


  • Risk Management
  • Role and User Group (Team) Management
  • Web-based Audit Management
  • Desktop (client) Audit Management
  • Document Management
  • Work Flow Management and Design Tool
  • Personel Management
  • Report Repository
  • Digital Library