Cybersoft MIU

Central Signature Application


Increasing amount of use for applications utilizing electronic signature caused emerging of different signature solutions managed by applications in their own and new problems. Compatibility of signature solutions to current legislation and their adaptation period to possible modifications and their integration management became complicated.

Solution: Central Signature Application

  • MIU prepared for the purpose of all application to use a common signature management enables you to manage signature serves capable of being operated in different locations from a single center.
  • MIU presenting easy management and different integration options for user management with its Ajax based and user friendly interfaces is designed to be easily accessed and integrated by applications utilizing electronic signature.
  • MIU presenting File-Drop-Point service in order to involve old systems to its integration scope also provides great facilities to record and monitor all processes done.
  • You don’t need to pay for different libraries with thanks to MIU using Cssinger library developed by Cybersoft.


  • Corporate Signature support,
  • Ease of use and integration via WS, FDP, GUI,
  • Opportunity of management and intervention via interfaces,
  • Serial and Parallel signing support,
  • Multiple certificate management with “Signature Off-load Park”,
  • Ability of opening certificates to common use in a safe manner,
  • Platform independent,
  • Operates with cards providing PKCS #11 interface,
  • Xades-T signature support.


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