Our Products

Our Products

Cybersoft delivers a wide scope of IT and software solution services in various domains, one of which is product sale and support. Owing to the knowledge and experiences of the employees that are experts in their respective fields, Cybersoft has a high technology using and producing, success focused work atmosphere.

Besides developing Information Technology projects for public sector, company works on producing Finance, Real Sector and Telecommunication solutions intensively. It is known as one of the most competent firms of our country especially in the field of large scaled enterprise information systems' installation.

Environmental Products

Cybersoft carries out intensive research & development activities in the field of “Environmental Technologies”, which is included in the company mission. The company, also trainees its personnel on renewable energy, recycling software products, etc. E-Invoice, E-Distress and CSDYS Hypatia Document Management and Workflow System are the examples of Cybersoft’s environmental technologic solutions.

V@Wfinance - Core Banking System

Cybersoft V@Wfinans Finance Solutions Family, composed of integrated and modular systems developed to respond to the ever-growing volume of business and are supportive of open standards, meets the expectations of financial institutions seeking to manage not only today but also future.