Free Zones Computer Application Program (SBBUP)

Corporation / Company
Project Initiation Date
Project Duration
Free Zones Computer Application Program (SBBUP)
September 2005
1,5 Years (Completion: May 2007)

Project Scope :

Project objective; transferring of activities realized in free zones to electronic environment by utilizing internet technologies, fully monitoring of free zone processes by establishing an healthy database relevant to such regions and providing completing transactions by utilizing electronic signature and by providing integration between Free Zone Directorates, Free Zone Founder and Operative/Operative Companies, user companies, Customs Administrations, Turkish Statistical Institution /TÜİK) and other relevant institutions to facilitate data flow from free zones.

In the framework of the project 21 free zones and transactions realized before Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Free Zones, Foreign Investment and Services are converted to automation. In this content the following modules are realized License Transactions

  • Free Zone Transaction Form
  • Rental Transactions
  • Company Transactions
  • Permission Transactions
  • Document Transactions
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Personnel Transactions
  • Reporting

Free Zone users in the scope of the Project are able to realize their activity license applications, their revision requests for activity licenses, free zone transaction form applications, stock follow-ups, new product applications, entrance permission document applications from any computer having internet connection. They are able to realize such transactions without any location and time restrict by utilizing qualified electronic signature per Electronic Signature Law numbered 5070.

Besides project has provided benefits such as;

  • Creating a healthy database about free zones,
  • Performing Free Zone Transactions in electronic environment,
  • Acquiring report in an easy and fast manner,
  • Faster accessing to a requested data,
  • Making required controls automatically in electronic environment,
  • Management and fully monitoring of free zone transactions,
  • Sharing acquired data with the relevant institutions (Customs Administrations- TUİK).

Cybersoft, uses Aurora Software Production Band developed by itself in software development and management of application processes in the framework of SBBUP project. Aurora presents a software process management model based on open and standard information technologies and involving service based and developed core infrastructure components per the principles of multi-layer architecture and loading and test management options.

Aurora is developed for the purpose of meeting organizations’ top level e-business requirements with minimized costs with a wider technological perspective by Cybersoft. Platform with thanks to its independent design (can be operated as J2EE, .NET and CORBA based) and its differentiated approach (XML in lieu of HTML) provided as directed to the realization of business definitions on Web by minimizing higher efforts and time required for the transformation intended to fulfill e-business requirements of the current information systems of organizations and thus creating competitive advantage.

SBBUP Project is operated on a structure where applications interact each other over Web where information definition is realized with a standard and common language and a system that can be integrated to external systems and realizes one of the major steps of our country to create e-state.

Project Characteristics:

  • Web based n- layered central software architecture
  • Aurora Software Production Band
  • Java environment
  • Oracle İVTYS
  • Technical Training: UML Modeling, Java, Aurora Platform, İVTYS/SQL
  • E-imza (e-signature) support