Social Support Program Information System (SODES-BİS)

Organization / Company
Project Beginning Date
Project Duration
Social Support Programme Information System (SODES-BİS)
6 months

Project Scope :

Social support programme supported by the Ministry of Development is a human oriented programme intending to fulfill requirements originated from employment, social inclusion, culture, arts, sports, immigration, poverty and unemployment and changing social structure, consisting of projects those prepared and applied in local level, executed with the coordination of governorates in province level and where local actors widely authorized in application phase and aiming to respond social problems in maximum possible shortest time.

Presentation of social support programme project proposals, their assessment and selection, concluding agreements for the project proposals being approved, their approval, performance of KKGO (Corporate Capacity Development Allowance); performing financial transactions, performing required reports and updating by the project executers, processes of reporting developments in project in line with the parameters requested by the Ministry of Development transactions are done in electronic environment.

Project characteristics

  • Web-based 4-layers central software architecture
  • J2EE platform
  • AJAX based Web Application
  • PDF forms (WYSIWYG Design)
  • Multiple language support