CYBERSOFT's training services are designed for software teams developing projects for large size enterprise clients. A very important part of these trainings is on "Distributed Object Technologies".

Trainings are mainly on programming languages, methodologies to be applied, and platforms to be used throughout the software development process by project teams.

CYBERSOFT provides training services on:

  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methods
  • Design templates
  • Object Oriented Application Development and Java Programming
  • Advanced Java programming
  • AURORA Architecture Infrastructure and Process Management
  • Application Development with AURORA (Sample work)

Trainings are carried out by professional software development engineers and academic staff. Due to their active code generation experience on related subjects, all trainers are well aware of what all participants need individually, and are able to answer all their questions simultaneously.

Location of our training services are provided according to the request of our clients, either at professionally designed third party locations or at the establishments of the clients.