Lifetime Learning and Youth Programs Electronic Project Management System (TURNA)

Corporation / Company:
Project Initiation Date
Project Duration
Lifetime Learning and Youth Programs Electronic Project Management System
Haziran 2008
8 Month

Project Scope :

TURNA Project which is a central e-dönüşüm (e-conversion) project of Turkish National Agency started for development in 2008 and received its initial applications by being opening to use in the first quarter of year 2009. With TURNA project in all of the EU programs executed by Turkish National Agency management of project application, project assessment, project life cycle is performed in electronic environment. With a new agreement concluded in year 2009 interim – final reports, project management were added to the system.

Project’s objectives are as follows;

  • Exploring, analysis, learning, distribution of information acquired via EU Training and Youth Programs, development of current application and management processes and by this way creating a database by increasing effectiveness of the programs.
  • Increasing effectives of EU Training and Youth Programs with developed fast learning and new information creation opportunities presenting opportunities such as higher innovation, better project results, beneficiary satisfaction.
  • Creating information management base for top level applications.
  • Gathering of all data collected from different applications and in the database in a structural central database,
  • Obtaining higher benefits from the results of supported activities and by this way increasing the effectiveness of the programs in national level,
  • Facilitating management of increasing application in parallel to increasing population of Turkey, decreasing the period spent from the moment of application to the project finalization,
  • Monitoring all financial processes in a single environment.

In the project scope,

  • Receiving all applications for Lifelong Learning Programme and Youth in Action Programme over the system.
  • Assessment transactions of foreign experts for project,
  • Management of all projects’ project life cycles,
  • Monitoring budget and financial transactions,
  • Receiving online applications of training programs organized Youth Programme Department,
  • Supply of online interim and final reports,
  • Data transfer to European Commission Software Systems,
  • Reports and statistics in different issues were realized.,

Reports and statistics in different issues were realized.
Project was opened to Europe in year 2012 with the name of TURNA4Europe. In the scope of Erasmus in total 372 universities from 13 countries as Germany, Finland, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Slovenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latonia, Sweden and Estonia made their applications for the year 2012 over the system adopted with the name of TURNA4Europe. In this sense Turkey has obtained a great success in the subject matter of becoming the center of all applications. Recognition of Turkish National Agency with TURNA4Europe system reached to 372 universities in Europe wide and with the positive feedback received from the relevant countries success of Turkey in software sector had a broad repercussion in European countries.

Project characteristics:

• Web-based 4-layers central software architecture
• J2EE platform
• AJAX based Web Applications
• PDF forms (WYSIWYG Design)
• Multiple language support