About Us

Since its establishment in 1995, CYBERSOFT has been a pioneer of technological development for IT projects employing advanced information technologies and application development based on the object oriented approach.

Supported by the knowledge and experience of its employees, CYBERSOFT has a broad vision concerning the development of governmental information technologies. With the comprehensive and intensive engineering work coordinated at its headquarters in Ankara, CYBERSOFT has completed numerous large-scale public sector projects successfully.

Team Profile

Cybersoft management defines the most precious asset of the company as the “Own High Level Engineering Workforce.” With the own experienced engineering staff and the proprietary high technologies, Cybersoft will continue to be the essential address for the companies and enterprises that seek for solutions in the field of Information Technologies.

  • Delivered the largest-budgetted public procurement project in Turkey, VEDOP, started in November 1998 and
  • Implemented the Tax Automation Project for the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan, standing out as the first ever e-government software solution exported outside Turkey
  • Realized the first advanced digital signature certificate implementation in Turkish public sector

Our Mission

CYBERSOFT's misson is sustaining highest client satisfaction and most qualified services with low total acquisition costs and ease of maintenance by using advanced software development techniques, latest software architectures and CYBERSOFT's expertise in large scale enterprise IT solutions.

Our Vision

CYBERSOFT's vision is to become and remain a reliable, solution-oriented global company that delivers the highest technology, most qualified services and bears its responsibilities to its Country.

Our Values

CYBERSOFT's values are based on applying our Corporate Assets into our business. These assets are:

  • Highly-trained and experienced engineering resources,
  • Creative company culture,
  • On-time delivery of fully-working projects,
  • Perceiving each and every single client/project as our most prestigous reference,
  • Comprehensive knowledge on object-oriented analysis, design and development,
  • calable and reliable solutions over the Internet and/or Intranet.

Know-How and Specialization

Cybersoft features;

  • Object-oriented software development methodologies,
  • Component-based software development know-how and CASE Tools,
  • Multilayer software architecture
  • OLTP & OLTP Applications
  • VLDB Experience,
  • Scalable, reliable, secure and maintenance-friendly (Internet - Intranet) applications,
  • Consultancy - Mentoring,
  • System Architecture ,
  • J2EE Application Server Platform Experience.

Our Quality Policy

"The quality of a system is highly influenced by the quality of the process used to acquire, develop, and maintain it."

P. B. Crosby
"Quality is Free: the Art of Making Quality Certain", 1980

The term "quality" is most basically described as the "level of excelence". In this context, CYBERSOFT aims at a continous improvement for the highest level of excelence in its products and services. In CYBERSOFT, we regard quality as an indispensible asset of our undisputed success. In the age of information, we believe that a common standard of management and quality unity should exist in information technologies that is approved by all stakeholders in the business. Therefore, in order to provide the most suitable solutions to our customers; we have based our quality policy on the following objectives:

  • To maintain our position as the leading IT solution provider nationwide,
  • To extend our experience and knowledge by exporting out technology solutions overseas,
  • To keep our process-based quality approach as an indispensible element of our organization,
  • To sustain the involvement of our entire staff to quality procedures;
  • ...and to continously improve in what we are doing.

Quality and Process Management

Cybersoft Quality Management System was established in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standard. Certification of ISO 9001:2008 standards was acquired in 2003. Cybersoft Quality Management System's technical requirements are met by communication and quality management system called "LIGHTHOUSE".

Cybersoft uses ISO/IEC TR15504 standard in software processes assessment studies. The method of assessments performed in Cybersoft is found to be in conformance with the requirements of ISO/IEC TR 15504:1998. Cybersoft acquired AQAP 160 quality standard in 2006; and also got CMMI-3 certification in 2007 December.